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LYONESS.TV | 2013-03-12

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Published on March 05, 2013 23:00

Anyone can do it - incentives for DIY
It’s a trend that’s taken over the world and is here to stay - making things yourself. The incentives for doing it yourself are many, with differing tendencies from country to country. The “do-it-yourself” movement has become a social phenomenon, as we discovered in Romania and Austria.

Praktiker DIY store:

Knitting is in again – fresh yearning for that clatter of needles
Knitting junkies are certainly no longer in the retirement age group, but rather they’re young, hip and, above all, fashion-conscious. We followed the thread of an urban “do-it-yourself” generation trend.

Wiener Masche: the knitting club on Facebook:

Dörte Kaufmann: fashion label for knitted garments and accessories

A-Preis: stockists for the household, paper, gifts, decorations

Moments Magazine

DIY mechanics – hobby mechanics get the knack
Whether it’s an oil change or clutch replacement – ever more “hobby mechanics” are getting to grips with their own cars. This trend has led to numerous “do-it-yourself” garages springing up. Here, for just a few euros, you can rent a vehicle lift along with tools. The motto: “Practice makes perfect!”

Forstinger: vehicle accessories

Garage workshop rental: vehicle repair shops for DIY

Guest on Lyoness.TV-Talk
This time on Talk our guest is futurologist Dr. Roland Winkler. Alongside research into developments in society, he is deeply involved with the “do-it-yourself” trend. In this context he talks about various aspects of DIY and what effects it will have on the economy in future.

Institute of innovation and trend research:

Cashy has also tried some DIY. He has decided to knit himself a trendy woolly hat, but will he actually succeed?

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